Dent and Scratch Removal

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2999 *

(per panel)

What's Included

Old Paint Scraping
Dent Removal
Anti-Rust Resistance Coat
Color Match Painting
Car Surface Glazing & more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing includes tinkering and repainting for one panel only. The price for certain panels such as the hood & roof may vary depending on the vehicle type.
Our service partners use color codes and paint racks for matching the colour depending upon the ageing and fade levels.
We Use Asian PPG paints to give your car a showroom finish.
We understand that your commute becomes difficult without your car. However, repainting is a process that requires time for curing and we do not compromise on quality. As a result, we do not commit to any fixed delivery time for your vehicle.
If your panel is damaged extensively, it usually mandates a replacement of the entire panel. Not able to find out the extent of the damage? Call us / Whatsapp us at 9003251754 or shoot out an e-mail to support@gobumpr.com.


"By far the best work I have seen in terms of Dent Removal. Very quick and excellent work. I am sure that I will be approaching GoBumpr in the future for all my car maintenance needs."
"GoBumpr did an excellent job of completely removing bad scratches from my Pajero. The paint of my Pajero is unique, but they matched it perfectly. They picked up the vehicle, finished the job perfectly and dropped the vehicle back within 24 hours. I am extremely happy! "
"Am delighted on the tinkering and painting work that has been carried out on my car. The guys who came were patient enough to answer all my queries."