Car service checklist: Essential checks to keep your car running smoothly

Car owners frequently ignore minor repairs and maintenance issues, which can lead to more significant problems in the short to long term. Ignoring minor warning signs can result in higher repair costs as well as avoidable and premature wear and tear, reducing the life of your vehicle.
Regular car preventive maintenance addresses minor problems in time, preventing them from spiralling out of control, just as regular doctor visits help to identify health issues at an early stage. Regular care and attention ensure the safety, efficiency, and performance of your vehicle.
myTVS experts advise taking a methodical approach to car maintenance. This reduces the need for costly repairs while also improving road safety. Take a look at the following car service checklist, which will help you track the health of your vehicle and maintain it better.

Engine oil and coolants
Maintaining the proper level of oil and coolant is an integral part of the basic car service checklist. Good quality fluids are essential for protecting the engine and its components as they ensure your vehicle performs optimally. Low oil and coolant levels can cause serious engine problems, so check them on a regular basis (especially before long trips) and replace them at least once a year. myTVS experts can recommend the right quality and replace these vital fluids during a routine maintenance check.

Tyre pressure and tread
Remember that tyre pressure has a direct impact on fuel efficiency. Well-maintained and properly inflated tyres provide optimal road grip and balance, resulting in smoother and safer drives. So, make checking the tyre pressure a regular part of your vehicle maintenance routine.
Examine the tread depth and other signs of wear and tear. Worn-out tyres reduce road traction, which can result in a blowout, endangering your safety. Check your tyres before every drive and replace them if you notice balding.
Tip:myTVS recommends regular and periodic tyre rotation. Tyre experts will inspect and rotate your vehicle's tyres, including the often-overlooked spare tyre or stepney. Such minor tasks enhance ride quality and ensure smoother driving.

Brake components
Brake pads and rotors deteriorate over time, so keeping them in good condition is an important part of any full car service checklist. Frequent start-and-stop driving, poor road conditions, vehicle load, and driving style all contribute to wear and tear. Control and safety depend on a smooth, efficient, and responsive braking action, which is why you must ensure your brakes get regular attention and maintenance. Also, remember, sluggish braking or screeching sounds when applying the brakes are red flags that the brakes need to be serviced immediately.

Battery and spark plugs
Your car's battery does more than just start the engine. It provides power to a variety of electrical components. Car batteries recharge when the engine is running and can drain if left unused for extended periods of time, particularly if they are 3-5 years old. If your car battery drains quickly or you have trouble starting it, it may be time to replace it.
Spark plugs, in addition to the battery, provide the necessary spark to start combustion and drive the pistons. Hot exhaust gases and high temperatures accelerate wear and tear, weakening spark plugs over time. Damaged spark plugs can have an impact on mileage and acceleration. They, like batteries, should be included in your regular maintenance service.
It is best to seek expert advice when replacing a car battery, spark plugs, or other parts. These are included in the basic car service checklist, and myTVS technicians will inspect, evaluate, and recommend the best way to handle any problems your car may be experiencing.

Air filters
Engine air filters are not always appreciated by car owners. These trap contaminants like dust and dirt that would otherwise harm the engine. Clogged air filters can impair your vehicle's performance if not cleaned on time. Engine air filters should ideally be replaced every 25,000-30,000 kilometres, or sooner if you drive in extremely dusty conditions.
Cabin air filters continuously purify the air entering the cabin, but dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate due to constant use. While a dirty cabin air filter does not affect your car's performance, it does play an important role in ensuring that you breathe cleaner air while driving.
MyTVS experts inspect all essential components as part of an exhaustive vehicle maintenance checklist and provide the best advice on when the filters should be cleaned or replaced, whether they are engine or cabin air filters.

Always seek expert advice
These essential elements of a general car service checklist enable you to get the most out of your vehicle and ensure a safer and smoother ride. Allow myTVS' expert technicians to diagnose and resolve any issues, allowing you to keep your prized vehicle in top working order.

myTVS understands that your busy schedule may not allow you to maintain your car as well as you would like, so take advantage of our free pick-up and drop-off service, and track progress and receive real-time updates on the myTVS app.
With myTVS, your car receives a comprehensive, fully computerised diagnostic test every time, and the health report is delivered straight to your mobile phone. Engage in in-depth discussions with myTVS experts to make informed decisions about the specific repair or maintenance that your vehicle requires.