Want to know how to increase the mileage of a car? Follow these tips

Do you want to know how to increase the mileage of a car or enhance fuel efficiency, especially in times of rising fuel prices? Look no further, as we provide strategies to assist you. Our team at myTVS has compiled a list of 5 simple techniques to sustain or improve the fuel efficiency of your car. From proper engine care to maintaining appropriate tyre pressure, implementing these tips can reduce fuel expenditure and ensure optimal vehicle operation. Let us begin.

1. Take care of your car's engine:
Proper care of your engine is key to improving its performance. A poorly maintained engine may burn fuel less efficiently and use more fuel to power the car, leading to lower fuel efficiency. Avoid harsh handling and make sure to never skip scheduled services. myTVS offers expert technicians and a convenient app to help you track and assess your vehicle's maintenance needs.

2. Shift gears correctly:
Erratic acceleration, or sudden bursts of acceleration, can negatively impact a car's fuel efficiency. When the driver accelerates quickly or erratically, the car's engine has to work harder and use more fuel to generate the additional power for the needed acceleration. Instead, try to gradually accelerate and drive at higher gears to improve your car's average. For example, driving at around 80 km per hour in fifth gear (for most cars) can result in more efficient fuel consumption.

3. Reduce the car load:
One easy way to increase car performance is to not overload it. The heavier your car is, the more power the engine will need to exert to move it. Remove heavy or bulky items from the car's trunk to keep the weight down.

4. Check air conditioner usage:
Running your air conditioner constantly, especially on high on hot days, can reduce your car's average by about 30%. To save on fuel, try driving with the windows down or switch just the blower on when the weather is pleasant.

5. Maintain correct air pressure in tyres:
Low tyre pressure increases resistance, making the engine work harder to move the car. Check your tyres weekly using a tyre pressure gauge and make sure they have the correct air pressure. Incorrect air pressure can compromise your car's mileage and fuel efficiency.

myTVS offers a specialised Mileage+ service to help increase the mileage of a car by up to 12% and save you up to Rs 10,000 annually. This service includes checking and repairing various essential components such as the injector, belt, spark plug, fuel, and vacuum lines, and more. With transparent processes and affordable pricing, it's a great way to improve your car's fuel efficiency or mileage performance!