Bike Ceramic Coating


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What's Included

  • Introducing nano-ceramic coating solutions for your bike to give an ever-lasting shine
  • Protect your bike from paint fading and deterioration.
  • 3-step detailing including Clay Baring, Polishing & Coating
  • Clay baring to remove surface contaminants and stubborn dirt & tar
  • Abrasive polishing to remove surface swirl marks & minor scratches
  • Nano coating layer provides complete paint-protection
  • Guaranteed protection against bird droppings
  • Best prices in Chennai for Bike Ceramic Coating

GoBumpr Advantages

Genuine OEM spare parts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramic Coating is a protective coating for vehicles that are relatively new. It is used for paint protection and restoration if the vehicle's paint is heavily oxidized and is experiencing fading.
Ceramic Coating involves removal of surface contaminants by clay baring the surface. This is followed by polishing which removes above-surface contaminants creating a smooth, high-gloss finish on the surface. The final step is application of the actual coating on the surface of the vehicle. Once the coating has been applied, the vehicle is cured in a warm & dry environment for a few hours.
Eliminates the need for polishing and washing. Guaranteed protection against paint fading, bird droppings & minor scratches.
Ceramic Coating is a time-intensive process. The time taken for application & curing for ceramic coating depends upon the vehicle. Usually takes anywhere between 24 - 48 hours for the entire process.
GoBumpr offers Ceramic Coating with a choice of hardness (7H or 9H). The pricing starts from Rs.4,999 (exclusive of taxes). Want an exact quotation? Reach out to us at 9003251754 or send an e-mail to


"Great experience at the Nungambakkam garage. Got a wonderful deal on Ceramic Coating for my Grand i10. The work was done to perfection. "
"Work done by the team was brilliant. The job done on my car was fantastic to say the least. Bonus was that the service progress was constantly updated with pictures."
"Ceramic work on my Crysta was wonderful. Complete glossy shine on my vehicle and it doesn't seem to be fading any time soon. The response & assistance from the team is great. Good job guys! "
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar