Car Disinfection Package


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What's Included

  • Interior & Exterior Sanitisation
  • 60-point Health Check-Up
  • Battery, Tyre & Electrical Check
  • AC Disinfection and Vent Cleaning
  • Interior Vacuuming and Exterior Wash
  • Dashboard, Door & Upholstery Cleaning

GoBumpr Advantages

Contactless Pick-up & Drop
Sanitised Facilities
Face Masks and Gloves For All Service Partners
Best Safety Standards
Available at your doorstep & at our Service Centers
Online Payment
Quality Workmanship
FREE Pick-up & Drop

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Complete exterior and interior cleaning are inclusive of water wash, interior blow cleaning, vacuuming and wheel arch cleaning. 2. Interior and exterior sanitation process includes: door handles, dicky handle, diesel tank cap and door glasses, steering wheel and gear lever knob, all seats and floor mats, door trim and handles, dashboard, roof handle and lights, hand brake lever, dashboard switches and console. 3. Complete AC vents cleaning and disinfection. 4. A 60-point general check-up is inclusive of coolant check, engine oil, gear oil, differential oil, battery voltage and battery SP gravity check, tyre wear and tear check using depth gauge, tyre pressure check and under-chassis check. The technician will provide comprehensive feedback on the nature of work that needs to be carried out in the car. 5. Complete electrical check for all exterior and interior lights.
For safety issues, our services are unavailable in all active containment zones.
If the customer stays in an apartment complex, society or gated community, the customer is responsible to get permission/gate passes for our technicians to enter and perform the service inside the premises.
To prevent contact and maintain social distancing at all times, only Online & UPI methods of payment like GooglePay / BHIM / Paytm will be accepted. There will be no cash payment.The prices shown on the website and app are exclusive of GST.
When our garage partner reaches your location to pick up your vehicle, please put the key in the ignition switch, while avoiding person-to-person contact.The garage partner will deliver your vehicle at your location and will keep the key in the ignition switch to handover the key and vehicle. The bill will be kept on the dashboard or front pouch of the vehicle if available. While discussing the bill and repair details, strictly maintain a minimum of 1 metre (3 feet) social distance. Always wear a face-mask and use hand gloves to prevent touching unsanitized surfaces and avoid contact.
Avoid vehicle handover in crowded places while doing pick-up and drop. When people come together in crowds, you are more likely to come into close contact with someone that has COVID-19 and it is more difficult to maintain a physical distance of 1 metre (3 feet). Our garage partners will be equipped with gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer for their safety. We will conduct regular health check-ups for all our staff in accordance with the World Health Organization and Government regulations.All partners are advised to install and use the Aarogya Setu Covid-19 Live Tracker App for their own safety and the safety of our customers, which is our top priority.
We use 3m or Wurth products for car sanitisation, which provides superior protection. The Ideal time taken for complete car sanitisation is 2.5 hours. This is based on the availability of water and uninterrupted power supply. Please note that the customer will need to provide power and water for the doorstep services.It takes a total of 20 to 30 minutes to disinfect the car and it is advisable to use the car after one hour. We use sodium hypochlorite 1% for exterior disinfection. Sodium hypochlorite is commonly known as bleach and is most frequently used as a disinfecting agent. It is effective for the disinfection of most viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mycobacterium. Itis not flammable and completely safe to use.We use Wurth products interior cleaning. These products are a combination of detergent, soap, fabric softener and have skin moisturizer agents formulated to clean car interiors.


"Great experience. I booked a doorstep package and the service partner arrived fully equipped and maintained all the safety measures. He did a very professional and thorough service and gave me a detailed explanation of all the services performed and everything that was checked. I had absolutely no hassle. He did what he was supposed to do and got my vehicle ready."
"A relief to find such a reliable and efficient car service. My car was sitting idle throughout the lockdown and was in a bad state as it was parked on the roadside. GoBumpr really did a great job and now my car is clean and running smoothly. The service partner did really good work and I was very pleased with the speediness of the service. I highly recommend them."
"I was dreading cleaning and disinfecting my car as it was left parked outside during the lockdown. The car had trouble starting as well. This package was so useful. The service partner picked up and dropped off my car on time, he was always wearing gloves and a facemask and he discussed all the issues and repairs in detail. Overall a very professional and satisfactory experience at a reasonable price."