Underchassis Rust Coating


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What's Included

  • The Anti-corrosion Treatment gives your car underbody a protective layer that prevents contact of metal with water preventing the formation of rust
  • Complete underbody wash and de-greasing followed by application of rust proof coating
  • Underbody insulation for a noise-free driving experience
  • Safeguards frame rails, internal body panels & cavities
  • Increase the longevity of the car and enhance it's resale value
  • Free Pick-up and drop from home/office
  • Available across 150+ locations in Chennai


"A real life saver. Awesome customer service - not just from the GoBumpr team but also from the on ground service partners. Goes to show the value they see in the platform. Highly recommended. Keep up!"
Sathya Anand
Sathya Anand
"Extremely delighted with the way in which tinkering & repainting work has been carried out on my car. Patient answer to all my queries & the professionalism in execution has floored me completely."
Ezhil R
Ezhil R
"Seamless experience - right from booking through the app to servicing! Finally found a trustworthy provider for all my bike servicing needs. Stellar job done with my bike."
Raja Prabhu
Raja Prabhu