Complete Car Detailing

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What's Included

3M Machine Polish
3-Step Detailing Process
Dashboard Polishing
Seat & Upholstery Foaming
Interior Vacuuming & more

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Frequently Asked Questions

GoBumpr's Complete Car Detailing package includes 3M Machine Polish, 3-step detailing process, interior vacuuming, floor mat cleaning, dashboard dressing & polishing, foaming of upholstery and seat stain removal.
The Car detailing package usually takes anywhere between 5 to 6 hours per vehicle with 2 technicians working simultaneously.
The process starts with a thorough Exterior Foam wash with 3-step detailing process.Interior vacuuming including trunk & glove compartment. Surfaces are scrubbed with a coarse brush to loosen dirt and grease. Floor mats are removed, washed and treated. Fabric surfaces are washed with detailing compounds to get rid of the stains. Surfaces are then detailed with a soft brush following which a final vacuum is done.
Pricing is flat Rs.2999 for hatchbacks and sedans. The package starts from Rs.3499 for SUVs and luxury vehicles. Prices mentioned on the website are exclusive of taxes.
Swirl marks are superfine scratches on the body of your vehicle caused by improper drying and washing techniques. Every time you wash your car, the paint gets marred with microscopic scratches. These small scratches get compounded over time, resulting in the vehicle's appearance deteriorating.
Conventional wax doesn't last long since the ingredient in these waxes (Carnauba) breaks down under everyday usage. Polishing compounds on the other hand are made up of a series of cross-linking polymer emulsions that help it last way longer than wax compounds.
Polish usually lasts anywhere between 3 - 5 months under Indian weather conditions. It is recommended that you wash your car only once every two weeks for a lasting shine and water beading effect.


"Great job. Very thorough and methodical service done by GoBumpr. The car looks & feels fresh on the inside & outside now. Very much pleased! "
Krishan Balan
Krishan Balan
"On time pick up and on time delivery. Customer service is excellent and car looks great. Got this done at almost half the cost quoted by the local guys for my Innova. "
"Prompt and friendly service. My seats were soiled beyond imagination by my kids. Restored the interiors of my car to perfection and there is literally no sign of it being soiled. Go for it !"